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Terracotta & chocolate pots
TC 2019, set of 3 pots
TC 2018, set of 3 pots
TC 1010, set of 3pots
TC 1314, set of 3 pots
TC 2303, set of 3 lemon pots
TC 1063, set of round lemon pots
TC 1001, set of 3 cylinder pots
TC 1050, set of grapes pots
TC 1055, set of 3 pots
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Our most popular line of red clay or terracotta pots made from clay found in the Mekong river area, ensure a durable product with a white-wash finish. Most common shapes and styles are very popular por planting. Silicon treatment is available at an added cost. This helps to hold the clay together longer , but does NOT ensure waterproofing.




To see all styles of terracotta pots available, please contact us by email below



Email terraviet@terraviet.com for current inventory and prices.




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